Make A Difference

Normal, every-day people make huge impacts in small ways every single day. Learn how you can make a difference below.

The Bridge is a home, a place where everyone is significant and has a purpose.

Missions & Ministry Partners

We have many ministries and missions we partner with locally, nationally and worldwide.

Haiti background

Growth Track

What is Growth Track? Maybe you have asked questions like: What’s my next step? How do I get involved? How can I get connected? The answer is: Growth Track. Growth Track is a 3 Sunday Program to help you begin to live out God’s purpose in your life.

Be Part of the Team

DREAM TEAM is our team of volunteers who serve in various ministries around the church.

Areas you can serve with are: Guest Services, Worship/Production, Campus Care, Pastoral Care, Social Media, Bridge Kids, MVMT (student ministry).


Here at the Bridge Church we feel that the Lord has gifted us with generosity. That generosity is expressed in our love towards others, by serving and giving. Because of generosity we know that two things happen. One, the Lord is worshiped and two, lives are changed. By partnering with God through the Bridge Church we are able to help change the lives within our very walls, within our community and even globally through ministry partners.

Love Built This Logo

God is inviting us to create the future with Him and calling us into a new season of spiritual transformation as a church and renewed focus on reaching families and people in our community. A strategic component is to create the kind of inviting environments where people can find hope and build friendships. So we are starting by asking the Lord, “What would love build?” Jude 1:10, 15:2