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God is inviting us to create the future with Him and calling us into a new season of spiritual transformation as a church and renewed focus on reaching families and people in our community. A strategic component is to create the kind of inviting environments where people can find hope and build friendships. So we are starting by asking the Lord, “What would love build?” Here is what we know…

It’s about building people. God’s power and love transforms people. Both we and the people we reach will be transformed in the process. Buildings are tools designed to build people.

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Many of us have gotten used to the openness of our campus as we arrive, but it can be intimidating for a new visitor, and frankly it is just too hot and humid in the summer, and chilly in the winter. We have envisioned a large atrium, about the size of our existing sanctuary, as the entry to all of our facilities. It will be an inviting setting that draws new and old visitors alike into our church family, while providing great space for fellowship. It will include beautiful seating areas, a café, lots of sunlight, plenty of audio-visual support, and will be a great meeting place for folks to gather and spend time getting to know each other.

Love Built This
Children's Space

Our children’s spaces no longer reflect or support the level of excellence of the children’s ministry, nor do they provide the invitation necessary to reach young families. The future of our church begins with young families, and we are not serving them in a way that honors them or God. Our first priority is to completely replace our current children’s facilities, creating an environment with fun and creative indoor playground space, classrooms, and state-of-the-art security.

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The Future

The Bridge believes in the future God has planned and invests heavily in that future. We believe we have a call to build into the lives of people and to meet needs. We are building a focused plan to expand our influence for the kingdom and we want to partner with you. You can help support a legacy of changed lives in Jesus name and have an eternal impact. If you feel Lord calling you to be a part of something huge, a part of building a legacy beyond your imagination, then we want to talk with you.

How Can You Be A Part?